Video: Meghan Trainor Gets Called Out By Jason Warrior On “The Four”

Celebrity, Meghan Trainor • February 2, 2018 • 11:34 AM • By

If you tuned in for The Four on FOX this week you saw that eliminated contestant Jason Warrior was having none of Meghan Trainor’s antics from the season of the show. Before leaving the stage, he strutted right up to the singer/songwriter, and told her how he really felt about her.

If you check out the comments from fans who tuned in for the heated exchange, a lot of them are on Jason’s side! While they don’t love the way he went about it, they definitely feel he had to say something to Meghan. In fact, many think it’s her words to Jason during his time on the show that caused him to be eliminated!

Other fans believe that Meghan revealing that she knew contestant Vincint Cannady (Jason’s competitor) is what pushed the audience away from voting for Jason.

Check out the words Jason had for Meghan, and her obviously shaken reaction, in the video below.

Do you watch The Four? If so, let us know who you are rooting for to win the finale.