Nick Jonas’ Motivational Quotes To Help You Better Yourself

Celebrity • March 1, 2018 • 4:17 PM • By

Nick Jonas has been in the news for finding a new lady love in Australia during his trip there. The pair have yet to go public, but fans are nothing short of surprised that Nick is dating again.

Nick was spotted bike riding and kissing Annalisa Azaredo. It’s being reported that Annalisa studied biomedical sciences at the University of Melbourne, and she currently lives in Sydney.

It’s been a long time since Nick Jonas had a girlfriend. He constantly told fans he was bettering himself before getting into another relationship. Well, now we’ve compiled Nick’s most motivational quotes of all time to help you better YOURSELF.

Click through the gallery to read them, and let us know if they help you in your own life.

Nick Jonas revealed the best piece of advice he ever received while he was chatting with Vogue:

“Watch the people you admire most and learn from their mistakes. The key in that is to be aware of the opportunity that you have to bring some positivity into the world. We are all going to mess up, we are all on a crazy ride and we are just trying to do our best but if you can bring positivity and light that’s a good thing.”