Did Khloé Kardashian Just Tease That She’s Having A Baby Girl?

Celebrity, Khloe Kardashian • February 27, 2018 • 12:58 PM • By

Khloé Kardashian is 8 months pregnant with her first baby. She and boyfriend Tristan Thompson kept their pregnancy a secret for a long time, but when they finally told the world they were expecting they have opened up a lot about their bundle of joy.

Khloé has shared many baby bump pictures, and gone on TV shows revealing that if she and Tristan have a baby boy they will name him Tristan Jr.

From the beginning of the Khloé pregnancy reports, it’s been rumored that she is having a baby boy. However, fans are now wondering if Khloé is actually having a baby girl.

Khloé is set to reveal whether her baby is a boy or a girl in the next episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” but everyone is wondering if she just dropped a major clue before the episode airs. Click to the next slide to see what Khloé posted that has everyone questioning if she is actually having a baby girl with Tristan!