Carrie Underwood’s Cutest Quotes About Husband Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood, Celebrity • February 24, 2018 • 12:42 PM • By

Carrie Underwood married hockey player Mike Fisher in 2010. The pair have one son together, Isaiah Michael Fisher.

Carrie and Mike have been in the news recently with reports of divorce looming. However, fans can’t picture these two breaking up. Carrie always has such sweet things to say about her hubby!

We’ve compiled some of Carrie’s cutest quotes about Mike. Click through the gallery to see them, and let us know which one melts your heart most.

When she spoke with Shape Magazine about her husband’s body:

“My husband and I don’t really do the same workout, but we work out in the same space. I like to watch him work out. That sounds creepy. And he’s got a six-pack no matter what so I’m like man, I’ve got to keep up with him. I’m slacking!”