6 Celebrities Who Either Had Something Really Great Or Really Bad To Say About Taylor Swift

Celebrity, Taylor Swift • March 1, 2018 • 10:57 AM • By

Taylor Swift hasn’t had the greatest luck in the news lately. There have been a lot of rumors about the country turned pop star, including that her BFF Karlie Kloss has switched to team Katy Perry (if you’ve followed the saga you’ll know that Taylor and Katy are total enemies).

It seems that over the years that Taylor has been super famous people have something either really sweet or really negative to say about her. They either love her, or don’t want anything to do with her and her “squad.”

We’ve compiled quotes from six celebrities who had something really great OR really bad to say about Taylor Swift, including Karlie way back when.

Karlie had Taylor’s back during the drama she had with reality star and beauty brand mogul Kim Kardashian. After Karlie called Kim Kardashian “lovely” in an interview and fans were upset thinking she had betrayed her friend, Karlie Tweeted this:

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