5 GIF Reactions To The News That Amanda Bynes Is Returning To Acting

Celebrity GIFS, GIFS • February 24, 2018 • 4:43 PM • By

Amanda Bynes is reportedly ready to get back into acting. It’s being reported that Amanda herself has told friends and family she is planning a big return to the screen, and fans should get ready!

Amanda’s former “All That” co-star Kel Mitchel is totally ready to see her act again, too. He told E! News that he would love to have her guest star on his new Nickelodeon show “Game Shakers,” “That would be awesome! I love Amanda, she is like fearless and very physical comedy. She does it very well.”

We’re all about Amanda returning to acting, and we can’t wait. Here are all of the Amanda Bynes GIF reactions we have to hearing the big news.

When we overhear someone asking who wants to see Amanda return to acting: